Masonry Company Kansas City

Kansas City Masonry vanderslice Masonry Company Kansas City

Building Restoration Contractors 816-500-4198 Team has consulted with Architects, Engineers, Historical Societies, Contractors and Building Owners on the proper treatment of historic buildings through providing building assessments, extensive world wide searches for historical materials and craftsman, and in the designing and development of restoration plans Kansas City.
Thanks to our skilled masons, any building can be transformed back to its original natural appearance.
With every project, Kansas City Building Restoration Contractors 816-500-4198 strives to provide you with the quality and professionalism you deserve.

Quality Services We Provide
Kansas City Building Restoration Contractors 816-500-4198

Building Investigation/Inspection Kansas City
Budget Estimates Kansas City
Building Evaluation Kansas City
Tuckpointing (Mortar Repair) Kansas City
Thru-Wall Flashing Kansas City
Sealant Replacement Kansas City
Stone Replacement Kansas City
Stone Dutchmans Kansas City
Stone Patching Kansas City
Chemical Cleaning Kansas City
Historic Building Renovation Kansas City
Steel Lintel Repair Kansas City
Sheet Metal Restoration Kansas City
Terra Cotta Patching Kansas City
Terra Cotta Replacement Kansas City
Clear Water Repellents Kansas City
Exterior Painting Kansas City
Aerial Lift Rentals Kansas City
Excellent Customer Service Kansas City
Superb Craftsmanship Kansas City



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