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13237664 1054676141292109 4727602303880381169 n Custom FountainsKansas City Masonry, the Midwest’s premier custom fountain builder, provides innovative and state of the art custom, as well as classic architectural motif, water feature design. From initial conception to expert installation and onto a definitive completion, we at Kansas City Masonry will deliver a stunning, one-of-a-kind creation that any client will be immensely proud of and thrilled to possess.

Providing unparalleled customer service to both commercial and residential clients through prompt, responsive communication, steadfast professionalism, and the ability to meet and exceed expectations, Kansas City Masonry is known for our incredible competence and dependability. Past clients include KU Medical Center, The City of Lawton, and Benedictine College. As a contractor our firm also maintains and repairs fountains, restores historic ones, and renders complete landscape design and implementation.

Backing our company’s outstanding reputation with the knowledge and expertise that 30 years in the field provides, Kansas City Masonry’s founder and CEO implements the type of skilled masonry craftsmanship that is pivotal to successful fountain construction and results in a piece that is of the highest quality and whose magnificence is timeless. His high standards and passion for the craft make a property owner’s dream become a reality in a smooth and
satisfying transaction.

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