A Captivating Oasis

oasis1 A Captivating Oasis

The creation of a stunning and yet pragmatic paver patio with beautiful and vibrant landscaping can turn your backyard into a captivating oasis.

Being an elite regional masonry and landscaping company based on 30 years of solid experience in the field, we offer complete services including landscaping and projects which utilize brick and stone, including patios, retaining walls, buildings, firepits, chimneys, outdoor kitchens, and indoor and outdoor fireplaces. Residential and commercial fountains and water features are a specialty. Repair, restoration and preservation, historic or modern-day, round out our extensive portfolio.

No matter whether you already have a vision of your desires or you are coming to us with a blank slate waiting to be filled with amazing ideas, our team will be happy to bring your dreams to fruition through high standards and impeccable workmanship. With a seasoned eye for architecture and a passion for the craft of masonry, Kansas City Masonry delivers a completed project that captures and conveys the utmost in impressive beauty.

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