A Masonry Fireplace, Outdoors!

A fabulous way to add an incredible and yet, serene ambiance to your home or property is an outdoor fireplace! A masonry fireplace, built entirely of bricks, blocks or stone and mortar will add real value to your property and it will provide decades of pleasure with minimal maintenance. A fireplace built on site by a mason is erected brick by brick, giving the craftsman the utmost control of the resulting creation.

Kansas City Masonry can take your dream or idea and bring it to a bold realization that makes a dynamic statement. Through a single-minded focus to the preeminent standards of the masonry trade and a fierce dedication to the craft, teamed with the use of high quality materials, our company delivers.

Whether it be cozy or grand, residential or commercial, our company has the knowledge and credible, hands on experience to meet and very often exceed your expectations. We also repair,restore, and preserve all masonry structures and fountains, including historical ones. An impressive and lengthy list of satisfied clients has been an integral part of our outstanding reputation.

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