The Masons Trade Unions. Corn, Wine, Oil.

Definition of ‘Trade Union’:  Labour unions or trade unions are organizations formed by workers from related fields that work for the common interest of its members. The key phrase is ”common interest of its members” with little to no mention of  quality  and workmanship .  Workmanship has been moving further and further down the supply chain since the  Trade Union Act of 1871, which had given the unions legal status and thereby allowed them to take over the training and social functions which the Guild had previously enjoyed

Masonry projects are a balance between cost, time and quality. It is possible to have high quality and low cost, but at the expense of time, and conversely to have high quality and a fast project, but at a cost. If both time and money are restricted, then quality is likely to suffer.

Workmanship has come under particular scrutiny recently as building regulations, and trade union wages have become more onerous and the standard of specification has increased. As a result, low-quality workmanship and materials are the norm.

unnamed 19 The Masons Trade Unions. Corn, Wine, Oil.

Operative Wages:  Corn Wine Oil. Corn, wine and oil were the Masonic wages of our ancient brethren.

Corn, wine and oil were the wages paid our ancient brethren, they were the “master’s wages” in the days of King Solomon. Masons of this day receive no material wages for their labors; the work done is paid for only in coin of the heart and for the craft, but those wages are no less real. How much we receive today and what we do with our wages depends entirely on our Masonic work.

oil corn The Masons Trade Unions. Corn, Wine, Oil.

The Masons Co Inc is resurrecting Guild masonry before all of the secret methods, traditions and practices are lost forever. Our focus is on preserving  the strong links between medieval operative masonry and today’s Craft masonry which should be preserved.

For all of us then, corn, then wine and then oil are symbols of sacrifice, of the fruits of labor, of wages earned.  No doubt the charge administered to all Masons and which contains the following clause accounts for the loss of many members of our Society in today’s Trade Unionism.

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