Reviving KC History With The Vanderslice

For one who indulges in a love of all historical structures constructed with brick, block or stone, reviving a masonry majestic to its former glory satiates the craftsman’s passion for stonework.

vanderslice2 Reviving KC History With The Vanderslice

Restoring the historic Vanderslice mansion was one of Kansas City Masonry’s finest accomplishments in 2016.

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the mansion was built in 1896. The red brick, three-story mansion exemplifies 19th century Queen Anne style architecture with a grandiose air and a sublime manner. It was originally built for the August Meyer family who lived there for 31 years. In 1927, trustee Howard Vanderslice arranged for the purchase of the home and surrounding 8.5 acres as a new location for the Kansas City Art Institute.

vanderslice Reviving KC History With The Vanderslice

Now known as Vanderslice Hall, the building houses the college’s admissions department and multiple offices as well as serving as the epicenter for festive social, enrollment and administrative activities of the college.

With a continuous dedication and true appreciation for the craft of masonry, Kansas City Masonry looks forward to its next piece of yesteryear that is eagerly awaiting its revival.

vanderslice1 Reviving KC History With The Vanderslice….

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