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Make your office an inviting place. Glass / Mirror / Stone Water Fountains. Custom indoor water wallsWater features made in the U.S.A. Made in the USA. Multiple Stone Options.


143C3890 37CA 4995 B82A 198940EE445A Water Wall Flowing, As Silver, Test Them As Gold. The Masons CoHigh quality water features is our specialty. We offer large and amazing wall fountains for residential and commercial applications.

KANSAS CITY Builders, water features kansas city can help transform your area into stunning one. From fountain maintenance to water feature construction, our company Kansas City Fountain Group. We provide regular maintenance that includes cleaning, equipment repairs and chemical treatment.





A Baptismal Font-Let There Be Light-Fountain KC

The earliest baptismal fonts were designed for full immersion, and were often cross-shaped with steps (usually three, for the Trinity) leading down into them. Often such baptismal pools were located in a separate building, called a baptistery, near the entrance of the church. As infant baptism became more common, fonts became smaller. Denominations that believe only in baptism by full immersion tend to use the term “baptismal font” to refer to immersion tanks dedicated for that purpose.

The Masons Co, 65650866 2341475939504276 1838817632770326528 n 1 A Baptismal Font Let There Be Light Fountain KCKansas City, Missouri. … by Kansas City masonrythe Masons companymasonry repair Fountain restoration and historic masonry restoration.

Some fonts where water pumps, a natural spring, or gravity keeps the water moving to mimic the moving waters of a stream. This visual and audible image communicates a “living waters” aspect of baptism. Some church bodies use special holy water while others will use water straight out of the tap to fill the font. A special silver vessel called a ewer can be used to fill the font.

IMG 2196 A Baptismal Font Let There Be Light Fountain KC

The mode of a baptism at a font is usually one of sprinkling, pouring, washing, or dipping in keeping with the Koine Greek verb βαπτιζω. Βαπτιζω can also mean “immerse”, but most fonts are too small for that application. Some fonts are large enough to allow the immersion of infants, however.

IMG 1847 A Baptismal Font Let There Be Light Fountain KC




THE MASONS CO NEW GLASS INFUSED WATERPROOFING MEDIA. Keep your fountain in tip-top condition with The Masons Co fountain waterproofing  .Our specialty coatings experts are used to doing it all, from epoxy  coatings to elastomeric exterior systems. Fountains and Water Features

The Mason Co has developed a new Glass Media Fountain waterproofing coating that is sure to impress.  Fountain Glass, the The Masons Co is a  leading premier manufacturer of fountain bowl glass coatings


Water Feature Kansas City, Water Walls, Reflection Pools, Rain Curtains. Request A Quote. High Quality Materials. stunning water features. We provide top-notch service, outdoor spaces, landscaping, and ponds around Kansas City.

Fountain glass” is a glass/stone media designed to give your Water feature a contemporary appearance. ITS LIKE DIAMONDS UNDERWATER.

The Masons CO have been making a material difference with our range of high-performance industrial coatings and lining systems that provide a seamless, impermeable, abrasion-resistant barrier against water and chemicals. Customers choose the Masons Co time and time again to “keep liquids where they belong”.



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Fountains, Kansas City’s Masons CO Strike Gold With Johnson County Fountains.

Kansas City Water Features and fountain company specialize in water features for homes including ponds, fountains, and waterfalls. Water Feature, landscaping design and installation company in Kansas City, Mo. specializing in landscape design, water features, Fountain Design Kansas. This is Kansas City, the City of Fountains. People like fountains. The big fountains are growing in popularity.

 Fountains, Kansas Citys Masons CO Strike Gold With Johnson County Fountains.
Water features are our passion. Water Gardens designs and builds ponds, waterfalls, and fountains around the Kansas City area.

A panoramic view across the Kansas city’s landscape provides a mystifying enchantment when a closer look is taken among the architecture. An undeniable reason appears for the seer to pause and marvel in delight as fountains flow, providing magic for all. Information about fountains and public art in the Kansas City metro area.

Fountains · ‎Fountains Book · ‎About · ‎Sculptures The unique water sculptures and statuary celebrate generations of design YOUR WATER FEATURE EXPERTS


It’s our 30 years of experience that allows us to understand the various nuances of water. From inside design to finishes and maintenance, we can take on all aspects of a water feature. That’s why we offer services such as prototyping, large-scale prefabrication, consulting, engineering, design-build, and renovations. After all, we love what we do because we get to play with water everyday.

 Fountains, Kansas Citys Masons CO Strike Gold With Johnson County Fountains.

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