Do you have an upcoming job that includes the use of brick, stone, or block? If so, Kansas City Masonry, the Midwest’s leader in custom masonry and masonry restoration, can build, repair, restore or preserve your project through their meticulous and impeccable workmanship. No matter whether it’s a brand newContinue Reading

Kansas City Masonry, the Midwest’s premier custom fountain builder, provides innovative and state of the art custom, as well as classic architectural motif, water feature design. From initial conception to expert installation and onto a definitive completion, we at Kansas City Masonry will deliver a stunning, one-of-a-kind creation that any clientContinue Reading

Kansas City Masonry Building Restoration Contractors 816-500-4198 Team has consulted with Architects, Engineers, Historical Societies, Contractors and Building Owners on the proper treatment of historic buildings through providing building assessments, extensive world wide searches for historical materials and craftsman, and in the designing and development of restoration plans Kansas City.Continue Reading