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Kansas City Water Features and fountain company specialize in water features for homes including ponds, fountains, and waterfalls. Water Feature, landscaping design and installation company in Kansas City, Mo. specializing in landscape design, water features, Fountain Design Kansas. This is Kansas City, the City of Fountains. People like fountains. The big fountains are growing in popularity.


Fountains are so welcomed in every yard. Those amazing additions can bring life and motion to your front yard and garden. Garden fountains engage the senses with the soothing sound. Garden fountain also can enhance the look of your garden or patio and that is the biggest reason why you need fountain in your yard or garden landscape. Other benefits of having a fountain in your yard are: they can be used as a way to invite your guests into your home to spend a time enjoying and relaxing in your garden, the peaceful sounds of running water can be a big help in times of stress, the trickling water has benefit of helping to block out background noise and can give your lawn a serene and natural sound and appearance.


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Fountains. Kansas City is the City of Fountains, with over 200 officially registered fountains.

From massive public fountains to miniature private water features, many people are choosing to include a water feature in their residential or commercial landscaping design. As the premier Kansas City water feature installer THE MASONS CO is able to create wonderful water features that will amaze and captivate …


Water Features Installation and Design , serving … Parkville, Gladstone, Smithville, Liberty, MO and Kansas City, Overland Park, KS. … Fountains are a good option for people who are just looking for the sight and sound of water and don’t want a pond.

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The Magic Fountain of Water Features

Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it” ~ Roald Dahl

Fountains and water features are magnificent and oftentimes seem magical for those who wish to see, and yet, they are multifarious systems whose keeping presents daunting and often contradictory challenges. The play of water over sculptured forms is compelling, with its delightful operas of light and sound and cooling spray but these same features threaten a fountain’s stability.  Water erodes delicate surfaces, invites biological infestation and represents environmental conservation challenges.

Kansas City Water Features

“Just because an old fountain gives no more water, it cannot be despised because with the water it provided once, many trees grew up, many thirsty has quenched their thirsts!”  ~ Mehmet Murat ildan

Balancing a fountain’s material preservation with its operation and water conditioning needs is very complex. Kansas City Masonry, the Masons Co, works with structural and mechanical engineers, architects, owners and maintenance crews to treat deterioration and devise long term effective strategies to maintain and preserve fountains in parks, major buildings and private residences. Historical restoration and modernization are the foundation of our company’s foresight when these showpieces  are placed in our hands.

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Dr. Logan Clendening Memorial Fountain. The Baker Street Irregulars


“Life is short, art long, opportunity fleeting, experience treacherous, judgment difficult.” This phrase comes from the first two lines of  Aphorismi , which was written by the Ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates. What he meant by these lines is:  “It takes a long time to acquire and perfect one’s expertise (in, say, medicine) and one has but a short time in which to do it.”

Much celebrated and most distinguished physician, scholar, and writer, Dr. Logan Clendening, was recently once again honored posthumously with a fountain on the campus of the KU Medical Center in Kansas City.

Two years after Logan Clendening’s untimely death in 1945, 600 people gathered for the dedication of a fountain which was placed in the KU Medical Center courtyard as a memorial to the prominent KU physician and benefactor of the world renowned Clendening History of Medicine Library. The interior wall of the fountain was inscribed:  “Life is Short – and the Art is Long to the memory of Logan Clendening, 1884-1945, from his friends.”

Sixty-seven years later, in 2014, the irreparable Clendening Fountain was dismantled and carefully placed in storage.



In 2016, Kansas City Masonry/ The Masons Co created, built and erected a custom fountain in front of the entrance to Murphy Hall, KU Medical’s oldest building, where the first fountain stood. The words, ‘Life is Short and the Art is Long’ is engraved into real limestone caps on the fountain. Distinctive Caduceus symbols are on each of the two columns with Scottish thistle at the top of each serpent. Custom tile adorns the fountain’s facade.

The project was a labor of pride and respect for the team. With a fierce dedication to the art of masonry and a passion for the craft’s beauty, the company took it as a tremendous privilege to have a hand in honoring Dr. Clendening as one of the ‘greats’ in Kansas City history.

Upon his death, many were saddened by the loss. “It is hard for those who knew him to realize that the blithe spirit that was Logan Clendening is gone,” the Star pondered. “No one could have enjoyed life more than he. Few have contributed more to make life sparkle for others in conversation and writing.” “It seems difficult to think of Logan as gone,” Landon Laird wrote in the Kansas City Times. “The happier imagination is that he is just around the corner, waiting to greet one with his hearty laugh and his offer of ‘Let me show you the sights around here.’” And Vincent Starrett, years later, pronounced the final word on the subject: “Logan Clendening was one of the finest human beings I ever knew.”


Kansas City Masonry/ The Masons Co is immensely proud to add the Logan Clendening Memorial Fountain to its impressive portfolio of projects. The company revels in not only being able to contribute to the historical restoration of some of region’s finest properties, but also in creating lasting tributes and timeless structures to carry Kansas City and and the city’s surrounding areas boldly and eloquently into the future.

The possibility of a future discovery in a time capsule greatly exists. Maybe the Baker Street Irregulars or Logan Clendening’s love for Sherlock Holmes will some day Reveal It…