The Three Graces. Faith, Hope, and Charity. Operative Masonry Kansas City

Faith, Hope and Charity. “Faith may be lost in sight; Hope ends in fruition; but Charity extends beyond the grave, through the boundless realms of eternity.” It extends from east to west and from north to south, and is said to be thus extensive to denote the universality of Masonry, and to teach us that a Mason’s charity should be equally extensive, for in every nation and in every clime are masons to be found.”

Not everyone can afford a Monday night Football game. The Masons company made sure that David, as well as his older brother, could make their very first Chiefs game. Outside of one of our iconic fountains at KU Medical Center. David said his favorite football player was Joe Montana..Have fun boys.. The Craft






An Ingrained Passion for Masonry. The purpose of this Brief is to provide general guidance on appropriate materials and methods for historic masonry Kansas City.

Masonry, the region’s foremost custom masonry and masonry restoration …Rough Masons,Paviors, and Bricklayers (The Operatives) of KANSAS CITY.

An invitational body dedicated to the preservation of the history and workings of operative guild masonry.  A system of historical ethics, veiled in allegory and illustrated by symbols of stone. The Masons Co and Dionysian Artificers of Kansas City has provided historic preservation consulting, masonry repair, masonry maintenance, Kansas City 

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